Day Two

Thursday 22 February 2018

Welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Lisa McAuley
Chief Executive Officer
Global Trade Professionals Alliance

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Beyond the technology – how do you innovate in a fiercely competitive global economy?
  • Broadening your mind beyond technology into strategic innovation
  • Integrating manufacturing into a complex global environment
  • Managing the value chain and multiple operations that shift and change
  • Moving beyond government “handouts” to making innovation your sweet spot

Göran Roos 
Member,  Economic Development Board Of South Australia

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Enabling the factory of the future through robotics and digitisation

In 2016, ANCA was inducted into the Australian Export Awards Hall of Fame. In 2015, it won the Exporter of the Year Award, and Australian Export Award - Manufacturing Award.

  • How robotics impact all aspects of 21st century manufacturing
  • New models to embrace and benefit from the ‘robotic revolution’
  • Roadmap for connected manufacturing and adapting to change
  • Tackling the operational, business and cultural challenges

Grant Anderson
Group Chief Executive Officer
ANCA (Exporter of the Year 2015)

Security of Things – securing the globally-connected factory
  • Adapting to a new era of cyber-security threats
  • Applying lessons for the manufacturing sector
  • Tackling industry concerns around IoT security
  • Strengthening the security framework
  • Clarifying domestic and international IoT security standards


Matt Tett
Cybersecurity & Network Resilience IoTAA & Managing Director, Enex TestLab


Morning tea and showcase viewing
Tapping Industrie 4.0 for SME’s business growth
  • Ensuring SMEs remain the backbone of manufacturing
  • Adapting SME business models to Industry 4.0
  • Using digital platforms for rapid growth and internationalisation
  • Scaling your business in an internet-led economy
  • Creating new models to boost revenues and increase efficiency

Jason Furness 
Chief Executive Officer 

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Collaboration across the digital supply chain
  • Revolution on the factory floor – taking a holistic approach to product design, planning, production engineering, execution and services
  • Integrating and digitalising the value chain to stay competitive in the future
  • Delivering value across the IoT ecosystem – from factory floor to a customer
  • Building a deeper knowledge of IoT platforms, and integration with manufacturing and stronger R&D

Matt Pyke
Project Engineer, Asahi 4.0 
Asahi Beverages

Tania Montesin 
Regional Manufacturing Operations Manager 
Asahi Beverages

PANEL DISCUSSION: Industrial controls and edge computing
  • Leveraging the cloud as a key enabler of IIoT
  • Building distributed application architectures that span “from control to cloud”
  • Assessing new data-driven solutions that interoperate with, and augment existing automation and control systems
  • Understanding real-time requirements and the distributed nature of industrial environments


Lisa McAuley
Chief Executive Officer
Global Trade Professionals Alliance


Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos 
Director, Key IoT Lab
Swinburne University of Technology

Surya Nepal
Principal Research Scientist


Networking lunch and showcase viewing
Afternoon chair

Mark Goodsell
Executive Director
Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Building connected intelligence into packaging machinery
  • Using IoT to improve manufacturing, packaging and production line automation
  • Leveraging best-practice platforms to service clients across an integrated supply chain
  • Improving factory efficiency and flexibility with IoT and emerging technologies
  • Communicating with customers in real-time in an interconnected space

Shaun Westcott
Chief Executive Officer


CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Uniting artificial intelligence and robotic vision – applications for manufacturing
  • Using robotic automation to boost productivity
  • Creating the next generation of robots that ‘see and respond’ as humans do
  • Ensuring robots make decisions, and work safely alongside humans
  • Transforming labour-intensive industries, and making robots a ubiquitous feature of advanced manufacturing

Dr Sue Keay
Chief Operating Officer, ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision, Science and Engineering Faculty 
Queensland University of Technology


Building manufacturing capability in a 21st century connected economy
  • Transforming manufacturing into a highly-integrated, collaborative and export-focused ecosystem
  • Proving high-value customised solutions that contribute to global supply chains
  • Building innovation resulting from science and technology, automation, digitisation and new materials

Lisa McAuley 
Chief Executive Officer 
Global Trade Professionals Alliance

CLOSING PANEL: Making Industrie 4.0 a reality
  • Treating digital disruption as the “new normal”
  • Ensuring manufacturers stay competitive in Industrie 4.0
  • Strengthening partnerships between government-industry-higher education
  • Investing in manufacturing as a viable strategy for GDP growth
  • Re-calibrating policies, tools and strategies in a dynamic landscape
  • Clarifying policies to reshape the trade agenda, investment, and innovation funding

Frank Zeichner 

Chief Executive Officer
IoT Alliance Australia


Dr Nico Adams
Director, Factory of the Future
Swinburne University of Technology

Mark Goodsell
Executive Director
Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council

Dr Sue Keay
Chief Operating Officer, ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision, Science and Engineering Faculty
Queensland University of Technology

Dr Leon Prentice
Research Program Director

Closing remarks from Chair and end of summit
End of Day Two and close of the conference