Day One

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Stephen JK Parker
Assistant Professor
UBSS (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialisation)

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Insights from Dulux factory of the future project

Dulux has spent $165 million to build a smart factory in Melbourne, integrating the infrastructure for advanced manufacturing, a smart building, the IoT, and network connectivity across the supply chain.

  • Building a state-of-the-art Industrie 4.0 factory
  • Laying the ground for internet of things platforms
  • Integrating industrial internet with fully-integrated supply chain
  • Quantifying the ROI from IoT technologies

Kevin Worrell
Project Lead, Industrie 4.0
Dulux ANZ


CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Creating the ‘Smart Enough’ Factory: Sutton Tools Journey from Web 2.0 to Industry 4.0
  • Leveraging IoT technologies within a batch manufacturing environment
  • Moving from “things” to quantifiable business outcomes
  • Assessing the impact on the factory floor
  • Applying IoT as a data management layer
  • Managing the cost of dealing with legacy systems
  • Building STEM skills (RAD tools and keeping ‘new’ skills to a minimum)

Steve Dowey
Technology Manager
Sutton Tools (Manufacturer of the Year 2017)

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Utilising IoT for lean manufacturing: process improvement, compliance, and staff involvement

Providing value to customers by:

  • Managing across borders with multiple factories
  • Achieving more robust processes
  • Delivering higher reliability by adding rules-based processing
  • Leveraging data-based analysis
  • Using historical process data for warranty

Christopher Janssen
Managing Director
GPC Electronics

Networking break & showcase viewing
Developing international standards for the emerging 4th industrial revolution
  • Ensuring standards enable interoperability
  • Sharing learnings for machinery, warehousing systems and production facilities
  • Developing standards that facilitate and support new production systems
  • Enhancing global supply chains through standardisation

Dr Bronwyn Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Standards Australia


PANEL DISCUSSION: Industry 4.0: Turning ideas into reality
  • What are the characteristics of tomorrow's smart factory?
  • How can you achieve the benefits of Industry 4.0?
  • Why work to increase know-how around Industry 4.0?
  • Which priorities need to be tackled first to enable a broad adoption?

Stephen JK Parker 
Assistant Professor
UBSS (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialisation)


Steve Dowey
Technology Manager 
Suttons Tools (Manufacturer of the Year 2017)

Christopher Janssen 
Managing Director
GPC Electronics

Dr Bronwyn Evans
Chief Executive Officer 
Standards Australia

Charlie Macdonald
Chief Information Officer
Schenker Australia

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: From farm-to-plate supply chain – using the iot to ensure higher levels of food safety and traceability
  • Leveraging predictive analytics to make smarter decisions
  • Building advanced planting, farming, and production in a connected environment
  • Developing real-time data collection and monitoring solutions using drones, sensors, satellites, connected tractors, cameras and other devices

Glenn Bulloch
Innovation Officer – Processing
Australian Country Choice

Networking lunch and showcase viewing

Attendees will have the option of attending 3 of 8 concurrent sessions (25 min per session).

Exploring the latest approaches to enabling smart, connected plant operations

Rajeev Goyal
Digital Transformation Director – Asia Pacific
Honeywell Process Solutions

Co-creating eco-systems with Partnerships to Facilitate Adoption of Industry 4.0
Damian Trubiano
Country Manager

Ideas for implementing Industry 4.0
Steve Dowey
Technology Manager
Sutton Tools

Orchestration in the Industrial Internet 4.0. Do we need it? How to achieve it.

Rafael Amaral
Principal Architect

How to justify Industry 4.0 investments

David Hart
Chief Executive Officer
Dematec Automation

Automating your industrial assets for greater profitability 
Kevin Worrell

Project Lead, Industrie 4.0
Dulux ANZ

Operating more efficiently using IoT and analytics in your manufacturing operations   
Dr Leon Prentice
Research Program Director

Deploying intelligent manufacturing analytics
Dr Ian Oppermann
Chief Executive Officer
NSW Data Analytics Centre, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Afternoon tea and showcase viewing
CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Leveraging IoT within a manufacturing environment
  • Taking a practical approach to predictive maintenance and operational considerations
  • Assessing the benefits for small-to-medium enterprises
  • Migrating IoT from “things” to business outcomes

David Hart
Chief Executive Officer
Dematec Automation

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Managing the economies of fuel storage with big data and analytics
  • Analysing every drop of fuel that flows through your system
  • Managing your flow rates in real-time and saving costs with actionable insights
  • Building your advanced data collection capability in a manufacturing setting
  • Integrating data capture and storage with the cloud and IoT platforms

Reed Leighton
Chief Executive Officer
Leighton O’Brien

PANEL DISCUSSION: The ‘analytics of things’ – creating new value from industrial IoT data
  • Finding value in the new world of IoT data
  • Understanding the “analytics of things” (AoT)
  • Finding ways to join machine intelligence and human-decision-making
  • Using the AoT to gain new insights and deliver actionable intelligence


Stephen JK Parker
Assistant Professor
UBSS (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialisation)



Glenn Bulloch
Innovation Officer – Processing
Australian Country Choice

Siamak Tafavough
Lead Data Scientist
Coca Cola Amatil

Derek Munn 
Innovation and Technology Manager 
CSR Bradford

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Day One and networking drinks